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Oh btw, anyone seen the occulus rift videos floating around? Makes my inner nerd so giddy. :p

24J April 15, 2013 at 2:13 pm
But she was still moderately dressed up, didn’t give the impression of having totally given up. She didn’t really hold a candle to her friend, though.

Right, and she knew it so she didn’t bother to try. She didn’t need to go full on goth to remove herself from the picture. Just dressing in dark colors can do that, but I’m sure she felt she couldn’t complete with her friend.

Had she gone full on goth, she ironically would have opened up a different subset of guys who like that look.


Sigh. He still refused to even talk to the girls.

That’s too bad, really. That’s how people miss a lot of possible connections.

25Dan April 15, 2013 at 2:22 pm
I love that graph. I’m like David 13 years farther down the road. My market value has been increasing rapidly for the past few years. I was raised very religious so I’ve always been selective in women, but early on it didn’t really seem to matter to anyone but me. Now, women really seem to notice my selectivity, especially since I started making money. Too bad I’m kind of jaded now, too. I despise women too much to date.

26OffTheCuff April 15, 2013 at 2:35 pm
The problem, is you can’t tell really which “pond” anyone is in, up front.

I thought I was pretty smart enough to avoid the super-dressed-up “club” type girls. (Actually, thinking back, it was stupid NOT to approach them, I had a better chance than I thought!)

There were the girls who’d go out the bars (not really “clubs”) just to dance, and never hook up. Then there were the chubby sluts who wore frumpy sweatshirts and never even bothered going off-campus, since it would slow them down. Then, were the prim next-door-looking academic girls who never went to ANY house parties, but liked to sleep with professors and RA’s. Good girls in slut uniforms, and the reverse.