Local Recruitment Services
Many jurisdictions, e.g. B. Singapore, particularly those that offer special tax planning benefits, require foreign companies to hire local staff to receive the above benefits. Additionally, jurisdictions such as Latvia list the inexpensive skilled labor force as one of the key benefits of registering a business there, making hiring local staff an integral part of the incorporation strategy. These are the main reasons why local recruitment services are essential to any business planning to move to a foreign jurisdiction.

Recruitment of highly qualified managers
Sometimes local directors and shareholders are required by law to form companies with additional tax benefits or simply to register a company in a country with a favorable tax regime. Normally, to qualify as a resident to become an officer in a start-up company, a person must either be a citizen of that jurisdiction or hold a residence permit: temporary, permanent or a special one, as in Singapore's EntrePass . In addition, the person concerned may not be eligible to hold the position of director if they have a criminal record or are bankrupt at the time a company is registered.

Appointment of a company secretary
Another senior officer who is often required to incorporate a company and be a resident of the area is a company secretary. In this respect there are two most common situations: The secretary may or may not be the sole director of the company. If he/she can, the company needs only one local manager who acts as both director and secretary. If he/she is unable to act in this way, the Company has the option of either hiring two LN employees or hiring one LN employee as a director and secretary and then hiring another director (resident or non-resident).

The requirements for the directors of a newly incorporated company can vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction and at the same time a corporation cannot be registered without them. We strongly encourage you to contact Confidus Solutions for local recruitment services and advice as our international network of partners allows us to meet the needs of the most common jurisdictions.

Local recruiting is relevant not only to legally mandated executive hiring, but also to employing local workers. Depending on the jurisdiction, local employees can provide the following benefits:

better knowledge of the local market and business culture
better average education level compared to the company's original jurisdiction
lower costs for personnel management
Choice between several CVs
Apart from these benefits, which derive directly from the quality of human resources themselves, there may also be indirect benefits depending on the jurisdiction. Recruitment of local staff can be used under residency investment schemes, forcing foreign investors to create new jobs in the local market.

Availability of labor
Labor availability is highly correlated with a country's total population. As of now, the top 10 countries with the largest labor force are:

United States
However, this should be adjusted for the labor force participation rate and the quality of labor and human resources, which can limit the availability of well-skilled workers with specific skills required by a specific industry.

 Local Recruitment Services