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Yes, I see. It is up to ten but of course, the less the better. I am certain that men will seek women with far less and are not seeking women with anything close to ten as some sort of good trait. I think it was the other half that would be good for none to up to five men. But really, how many women have ten or less? Not a lot for men to choose from so maybe that is why the marriage rate is so low in addition to the divorce rate being high. The women have sexed themselves out of the market, as it were.

Aldonza says:
December 16, 2010 at 10:37 am
Oxytocin and organic opiates are released during sex as well as during any act of affection. However as with opiate-based painkillers, the body develops a tolerance to deal with these and (which is why without some external purpose or meaning to the act, sex becomes steadily less gratifying and fetishes develop.
Oxytocin is also released in huge quantities during childbirth and nursing. I was pregnant or nursing for over six years straight. Nursing sometimes 8-10x a day or more. Each was a dose of oxytocin. At this point I should be completely incapable of feeling the affects of oxytocin…but somehow I’m still able to love. Go figure.

Susan Walsh says:
December 16, 2010 at 10:39 am
@Mike C
Your comment is a perfect summary of reality, and had the added bonus of making me laugh. I wondered the same thing about Tom, but I doubt it. He was Jaclyn Friedman’s butt boy and really only interested in defending her.
One thing to keep in mind about a woman’s number. Today a woman goes 15 years between the onset of menses and marriage. It is unprecedented. It was one thing to expect women to be chaste when that period was more like five years. The question now is what is a “reasonable” amount of sexual activity by the age of 26? One partner per year beginning at age 18? Less? And how to compare the woman having sex with a bad boy for 6 years while he sleeps with a bunch of other women? Her number is one for that period, but she is surely emotionally damaged. While a woman who has had four serious relationships in that period and two flings may be just fine.
The judgment about a person’s past can only be made by their prospective partner. I advise women to keep their number low because it’s a far more “saleable” state (low mileage) than the reverse.