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I personally feel touched by the entire “nice guy” situation because I feel victimized by it. My father died when I was very young and I was raised entirely by my mother, female relatives, etc. I had a sister too. I genuinely care about women, i don’t want to use them for sex, treat them as objects or disrespect them and run around on them.

If you think this is a great thing, a man brought up right with respect for women and all that, i’m sorry to say, i think you’re wrong.

Actually, from experience, I’d have to say this is a strong DISadvantage for the male in question. This is not behavior which is rewarded by female kind in general, certainly not before a woman (who has already seen her share of players and aholes) is in her 40′s.

I’m in my mid 30′s now and all I can say is, being a respectful male who thinks about and genuinely cares about women’s feelings and needs…is a losing strategy that gets you nothing except ignored by women. Even if you aren’t ignored, you DEFINITELY get picked-over for the hot flirty-player bad-boy guy.

I’m not trying to troll at all here, but i would honestly ask women to stop putting forward that they are looking for this, because in general they aren’t rewarded often enough, and actions speak louder than words. If nice guys were scoring left and right, all men would want to be the nice guy. That isn’t happening.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend being a nice guy to men either. Players are not becoming nice guys any time soon, and the nice guys out there reading this already know being a nice guy is BS. Sad but true.