Tonight was a good night ☺

Resistance? Not My Problem

Rarely do I meet with resistance from women in the field. This is largely due to the fact that I project a very good vibe. My vibe conveys certain things about me that I do not even have to say in words. While Swagger affects a woman’s visual perception of me, Vibe affects a woman’s emotional reaction towards me. When a man projects a good vibe to women, they will open up to him readily and his seduction will be enjoyable and effortless.
How Do I Project A Good Vibe?

The thing about vibe is that it cannot be faked. There are tons of tips on portraying good body language, smiles, eye contact etc. out there, all of which aim to eventually help a man project a certain good vibe. While all that may be helpful to a certain extent, to influence a good feeling onto someone, it really begins from inside you.

On a Macro level, there are two things that I observe : Mood and Assuredness.


Managing Your Life

If you feel that there is something that’s bugging you in your life, that there is something missing, it is not surprising to find yourself in a state of worry in a club
. Manage what you have to. Even if you don’t get to the bottom of a situation, the fact that you are doing something about it will improve your mood.

Leave Your Troubles At Home