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If you’re single, there may be some moments when you sit around and wonder, “Why am I still single?” Fear not. While you’re friends might all be attached, there are perks to being single, some of which have been proven by science. Of course, you’ll probably want to find Mr. or Mrs. Right at some point, but for now just sit back and relax because there are plenty of reasons why being single isn’t that bad.

You Save Money

While your friends are out buying gifts and dinner for their significant others, you get to buy yourself nice things or save some money if that’s more your speed. A study done back in 2011 estimated that people spend between $1,529 and $2,129 in the first year of dating someone (depending on your gender). In 2013, those numbers might have increased quite a bit.

Single People Do More

A study by the New York Times discovered that single people are more likely to be social creatures. They’re more likely to hang out with friends and go on fun excursions compared to people who are coupled-up. So embrace your single life and get the most out of it as you can. One day, you might not be able to do the same things you’re doing right now.

You Are More Likely to be Fit

Single people tend to put more of a focus on their weight and overall health than those in relationships. Not every couple will gain weight after starting a new relationship, but it happens, especially to women. All of a sudden you start eating with a guy and it’s just so easy to eat more than you used to. Single women don’t have a newfound temptation to eat a little bit more.